JR G5000T / 10X  

This page should not be taken as the last word on this setup. It isn't even complete, because I assume you followed the instructions that came with your gyro and know how to work your radio. I have listed some functions in the radio and given suggested settings. The settings were put in Nathan's 10X by Curtis Youngblood. The machine was test flown and Nathan's comment was "This model has never felt this good" These settings should work with other "10" radios that have similar functions.

First see setup tip #1 . Read it and do it after you've got the gyro installed and working.

Some of the settings are quite different than the instructions suggest. 

You must use the 8700G or 8417 servo and a PCM receiver.

If you're having trouble getting the gyro to work properly. Follow these settings for your transmitter and tweak it from there.

One thing on connections. Make sure the white connector from the ADJ/SEL is in AUX 3 and the black connector is in AUX 2.

Make sure your servo arm is at least 16mm long or up to 20mm for even better performance.

Function 12:  Rudder 150%/150%   AUX 2 100%/100%   AUX 3 100%/100%
rud_atv.jpg (20135 bytes)

Function 13:  Rudder Expo +85% in all positions
rud_exp.jpg (14650 bytes)

Function 15: Subtrim Rudder 0%
rud_subtrim.jpg (18432 bytes)

Function 17:  AUX 2 Switch Activated    Very Important!
fun_sel.jpg (14725 bytes)

Function 23:  Auto D/R  Make sure rudder is unaffected.

Function 44:  Set to Auto. Page to the next screen and select 0 for Normal, 1 for Stunt 1 and 2 for Stunt 2. Page back and set the gain in Normal to 40%. Flip to Stunt 1 and set the gain there to 41%, then Stunt 2 to 42%.  Curtis runs his gain at 38%. There is only one gain for normal and heading lock modes.
gyro_sens.jpg (17461 bytes)

You can reverse AUX 2 if you want to change the position the switch is in when the gyro is in heading lock.

You should have a very smooth t/r control system. There should be no play in the system. Anything on the machine that vibrates should be fixed. Things as small as loose wires and long exhaust deflectors can vibrate and upset any gyro. If the engine isn't running smooth, don't expect your gyro to operate very well.

Go fly and if you have any feedback, please email me.

Thanks to Curtis and Nathan for their help here.