February 24, 2010

After a few close calls, I decided I couldn't see the paint scheme on the factory canopy too well. That's just me. I prefer brighter colors, so I sent the canopy to Scott Milton of Ace Helis and he painted it with nice bright colors. I can see this a lot better.

You can click on these smaller pictures and see some fairly high resolution pictures. With a little cropping, they could make pretty good desktop pictures. If anyone is interested, I can send them even higher resolution pictures. Just email me.

right side up up side down

nose straight up

Notice how still the fuel is in the tank. This model is smooth as glass!

August 25, 2009

I was fortunate enough to get an early pre-production copy of the new Furion 50 from Miniature Aircraft. it was built by Bobby Watts himself. I've always been a fan of X-cell. It was the very first line we carried and is still the biggest. This is the version of the machine that will be shipping later this year.

I sent Bobby a Hatori muffler, 3- 9452 servos, one BLS251 and a new Futaba 520 gyro for the build. I decided to power it with an OS50 Hyper engine.

After installing a Futaba 608HS receiver, a 2 in 1 regulator, an old set of blades, I went through my "New Model" checklist. A half tank in the parking lot just to be sure I hadn't forgotten anything and it was off to Nathan's place on Saturday morning.

stepping back

The blades tracked perfect and after a few clicks of trim, it was hovering as solid as a helicopter can hover. I finished most of the tank, shut it down,then setup throttle hold and idle up in the 12Z radio.

tweaking the needles

A little tweak on the needle to make sure the engine gets up to operating temperature and to bump up the headspeed a little. Running these new OS engines really rich isn't good for them like it was in the old days. Now you want to run them at a normal setting and just prevent overloading or over speeding the engine for about 2 gallons. After that you can increase your max pitch and cyclic rate a little at a time until you're happy with it.

sitting on the tailgate

After 3 tanks I checked the bolts again and everything was still tight. There was no interaction to mix out. The model just goes where you point it. I did add some cyclic to throttle mix, at least for this break-in period. I'm not running a governor so I use that to keep the head turning at a steady rate. In this day of governors and rev limiters, I feel a little out of place, but fiddling with a throttle curve is something I enjoy. Did you know there are guys flying some pretty serious 3D out there that don't know what a throttle curve is...no kidding.

backing up

It flys backwards very well. This 520 gyro is Futaba's best yet! What impressed me most was the consistent pirouette rate when travelling at high speed. The tail is a joy to fly. This is a belt driven model, which I have no objection to at all. It has plenty power for pirouetting maneuvers of all sorts.


After one gallon. Still clean as a whistle! After another gallon, I'll increase the cyclic rate and the pitch. It's a fun model to fly. It comes out of vertical segments very smooth and straight. I did some really high speed stuff and there's no tendency to porpoise at all. I'll continue to tweak it until I'm totally satisfied with the radio setup.

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