Ron's Heliproz South Newsletter #10     January 22,2010               

Going Flybarless.

Why did I wait so long?  Because I wanted to let the junk settle to the bottom.  There are some systems out there that are very good (and expensive). But there are also some that aren't worth the postage it would take to send them across town. With more competition, we've seen the prices come down to a point that is affordable and the technology is catching up to the demand.

The two systems I'm very interested in are the Align 3G systems and Curtis' Total G. Both of these manufacturers have reputations for dependable products at a reasonable price. Soon, we'll be able to buy complete flybarless kits from both.

Align depends on simplicity and a vast network of sponsored pilots to keep their products working and working well. We did get a few of their new 3G setups in stock, but they sold very quickly. When you get this, there might be one or two left, but I doubt it. The motherload should come in about a month. Just in time for the 2010 flying season. I hope they come before our annual funfly in February so guys can get to see them in person.

Align 3G

Align electronics are developing a good reputation, so I have confidence that this unit is going to be reasonably bulletproof.

Total G by Curtis Youngblood

Curtis' Total G uses the same G view LCD as the rest of his products, so those of you who have already invested in that won't have to spend any extra money on gizmos to do the set-up. We all know that Curtis gives great support for his products and stands behind them 100%.

Twitter ... I never thought I'd see the day.

I have signed up for Twitter. There's a link to my "Tweets" on the home page.  I'm not sure if I'll be a good "Tweeter" or not. We'll see.
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New website ... under construction

I have started a total update to my website and online store. It's going to be a whole new look. I'm hoping to have it finished by mid-summer. It's just me doing it, so it's slow going. There will be a "Pay with Paypal" button ... finally.

Specials ... I get in trouble every time I advertise a special that's worth having, so do me a favor. When you are looking for a kit, just call
800-321-9909, ask for Nathan and tell him to give you the best deal he possibly can.

That's it for now. I'm running out of daylight. Have a good one and thanks for reading my newsletter.