Ron's Heliproz South Newsletter June 2010

Summer has shown it's face in the South. High temperature records are dropping like flies. It's shaping up to be a brutal summer. There are some things you can do to make the heat tolerable.

Our Loyalty program has been expanded to include over 12000 items. If you aren't a member, call us and ask how you can be part of the program.

The New Online Store is on schedule and due to go live in August. All loyal customer accounts will be transferred to the new database and will keep the same login and password as before.

Matt Botos started shipping Synergy N5 kits. We sold out of our initial shipment quickly. At the bottom of the newsletter there is a link to a video of Nick Maxwell flying his N5. Very awesome.

Align surprised us with the release of the T-rex 550E. I wonder if this is going to be the new platform for a 30 size nitro bird. If so, they better get the price down quite a bit, as the 550 is a little expensive for it's size.

YS has finally shipped the new 91SR-3DS. It's supposed to have considerably more power and get better fuel economy than its predecessor.

Curtis should be releasing his Total G flybarless unit very soon.

That's all for now.

Happy summer


Nick Maxwell whaling on an N5 courtesy of Zack at