Issue #3  February 2009

When you order parts, we don't want you to miss a weekend of flying just because you are far away.

If you live in one of the red or burgundy areas, soon you'll be able to order on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday morning and have your parts no later than Friday...guaranteed. We will charge you the same rate we would for UPS Ground. If your order qualifies for free shipping, this service will be free except on large boxes such as kits. Those will still go via UPS ground. We will be using UPS 3 day Select service for these orders, so orders placed on the weekend or Monday morning will arrive on Thursday. Tuesday morning orders will arrive on Friday. You can still specify Priority Mail if you have good luck with the postal service, but with UPS we can track the package and their on time delivery rate is over 95%.

We are working with UPS on this and should have everything in place by the end of February.

UPS Ground Map

Newsletter Tip

Are you tired of your landing gear skids turning in the struts. Here's a tip that I've been using for years. Simply drill a hole in the strut and screw in a self tapping screw.  Now the skids can't turn and even if the bottom of your strut wears out, the skid won't come loose.

Lay the model over on its side and drill a small hole as shown. Any small bit or the bit from a 2mm tap works great.

Hole location

You can do it on all four points, but I usually just do the rear struts.

Nice an neat. We have black screws too. Use any of the screws here.



Our funfly starts in about two weeks. We hope many of you can make it down. Bring a jacket and shorts. The weather can be anywhere from 25 to 95. The average temperature in Corpus during February is 62.

Did you know that you can get to our website by going to

That's it for this issue. I'm sorry its so short but there's a lot to do this week.  Call us for a great deal on a kit. Our prices might surprise you.