Issue #4 March 2009

I almost let March get by without a newsletter. I appreciate your patience.

 It seems like it's getting harder and harder to get people to read anything, whether it's this newsletter or a product manual. I find myself "skipping" the manual on a lot of new stuff. Many times I realize later that if I had read the manual, things would have been a lot easier. I hope this newsletter can make someone's day a little easier too.

I've started producing some videos. This month I finished one about my flybar lock and posted it on my website and in the forums. The feedback I got was very positive, so I plan to do many more videos. If you look at my home page (not the online store) you will notice a link to the videos in the menu on the left. As I add more videos, I will update that page with the newest ones at the top. I hope you enjoy them. By the way, you can play the videos in HD if you want. If you do click on the HD button in the bottom right corner, unless you have a very fast internet connection, it's a good idea to let the video load before you play it.  Right now I'm using Youtube and it seems to be working very well but I would like to find someone who is willing to host the videos so you could download them and save them on your own computer. I'll keep you posted on that.

I'm no Steven Spielberg, but I'm learning :-)

New stuff

T-rex 450 Pro

The new T-rex 450 Pro is almost here. As a matter of fact, we will get a few kits next week. It will take a month or so before the pipeline really opens up, so if you want one of the first kits, give us a call as soon as possible. Typically new kits go for full retail because they're hard to get, then after the kits start becoming plentiful in the market the prices go down. We've decided to sell even the first kits at a price that should be close to the real market price. The first kits to arrive are the Super Combo with servos and gyro. The kit only will come later; I would guess in about a month.

Hirobo's new SDX 50

I think this is going to be a nice helicopter for those of you who don't want something just like what everyone else is flying. It has a new and beefy head and a new canopy style. I really like the new  one piece landing gear. Coming soon.

Futaba 520 Gyro

With a footprint about the size of a dime, this gyro should be very popular with everyone. I saw one perform last weekend in Birmingham on Matt Botos' Synergy 50 and it was spectacular. The gyros should be here soon. A very small shipment came in but it wasn't enough to fill backorders. I think there is a boat load that is going to be in the U.S. in the next couple weeks.

Newsletter Tip

When you are searching the online store, you can narrow your results a lot by putting in the first couple letters of the part number and a space followed by a word that might be in the description. Let's say you want a Quick UK landing gear. If you put QUK landing, you will get all of the landing gears made by Quick UK.

Are you having trouble making your rolls look good. Try doing a half roll and pause for a couple seconds before completing the roll. This will help you break the maneuver down into small parts.

When you enter the roll, try to have a good bit of forward speed going for you. Level the tail boom and reduce the collective to near zero THEN move the aileron stick one way or the other. Practice this and it won't be long before you are rolling at eye level.


Our funfly in February was a big success. Saturday night we fed a little over 140 people. The weather, while not perfect, was acceptable. Of course Sunday turned out to be one of the nicest days I've ever seen. You know you don't have to wait for our funfly to come down and fly with us. If we're in town, and it's Saturday or Sunday morning, you'll find us out at the flying field. If you have to drive a long distance, it might be best to give us a call. This weekend it's going to be sunny and 70 degrees. Come on down!

Did you know that you can get to our website by going to

That's it for this issue. I'm sorry its so short but there's a lot to do this week.  Call us for a great deal on a kit. Our prices might surprise you.