Issue #5 April 2009

The focus of this newsletter is fund raising for the United States FAI team. In August the team will have to travel to Muncie, Indiana to compete for the World Championship. The event will cost about $10,000 to fund.

You might think it's all fun and games, but trust me, these guys work their butts off getting ready for this event.  They take time and attention from their family and job to represent our country.  I think, and I hope many of you agree, that it would feel good to give them some support.

I've made it easy and painless to donate. On the front page of my online store there's a link to donate. Simply click on that link and add as many dollars as you'd like to donate.  We will charge your credit card or accept your payment with Paypal.  EVERY DOLLAR HELPS!

Please make a donation to the USA F3C team Feel free to click this link and make a donation.

Here's my tip of the month:  Even though you might not need this, keep it in mind in case someone asks you for help.

If a gyro doesn't seem to respond to gain changes, unplug the gyro gain lead and then plug the Aileron servo lead into the gain channel on the receiver.

When you turn the radio on, the swashplate should tilt to one side. Flip the switch that is suppose to control the gyro gain/mode and the swash plate should tilt the other way.  Now adjust the gyro gain the way you normally do. The swashplate should move.

If it doesn't, you've found your problem.  Most transmitters have some sort of "Function Select" or "Device Select" menu. It is normally in a special menu that is accessed by pushing a combination of buttons while you turn the transmitter on. Find it and set it so, when you change the gain, the swash plate moves.  Put everything back where it was and try tuning your gyro again.

I'm getting closer to putting more videos on my website. It's a lot harder than I thought, but I'm getting close. Every once in a while check the Video link on the home page. My next newsletter should have an index of current videos and videos to come.

I don't get enough chances to thank you all for your support. Thank you very much!