The Align 2 in 1 regulators like the one pictured below were giving Nathan and I both some trouble. We built our models at the same time.


I first noticed it when, with a fully charged battery,  I turned on the switch I would never have three green LEDs lit. At the very most, I would have two. When I wiggled the switch, the two lit green LEDs would turn on an off and sometimes even the yellow LED would go off. Any variation in the LED display when you wiggle the switch could mean you have problems.

Since this is just a monitor, I figured there wasn't a real problem, just a display thing.

Then Nathan's started doing the same thing, except his model actually lost power completely, which caused the gyro to reset. It did this on the ground so it was no big deal. It only did it when he wiggled the switch, but it still gave us concerns. Nathan's fix was a lot easier.

I decided to see if I could tell anything by looking at the switch. I knew I might be sacrificing this particular regulator.

I disassembled the tiny switch and found some corrosion on one of the blades.


I had already ruined my switch, so I removed it and soldered the connection closed which put the switch permanently in the on position . See the bottom left of the picture below.  I jammed a little Goop in the hole where the switch was.



To control on/off I put a Rocker Switch between the regulator and the battery. Mine is solid as a rock now. I get all three green lights and no flicker.

The best solution (you better be good with a soldering iron) would be to remove the switch, then solder a couple lengths of small stranded wire to those two points on the board and control on/off with a small but high quality toggle switch. There is very little current flowing between those points, so just about any good quality switch with gold contacts could be used. Be sure to plug the hole with some Goop. You don't want fuel getting inside the box.

Nathan's Fix

We decided to spray some CorrosionX into Nathan's switch and see if it fixed his problem. It worked like a charm. Now his lights are on solid no matter how much you wiggle the switch. I expect this to last several weeks. With a fully charged battery all the green lights should come on. If they don't, give it another squirt.

CorrosionX is a liquid spray designed for problems just like this. We sell it, but you can also find it in better gun stores. You can soak it down with this stuff and it won't harm anything. On their website, there's a picture of a TV submersed completely in a tank of CorrosionX that has been playing for years without a break. It also works well if you happen to land your model in a swimming pool. We don't recommend that, by the way.

I'm not sure if this problem is because of the high humidity here in Corpus Christi or not. There are places that have much higher humidity than we do. The switch worked perfectly when I started using it.

In any event, it will be nice to have confidence in my regulator again.

That is a Thunder Tiger Redline engine. So far, so good.

BTW: I use JR gyro tape to mount my "switch"/glo ignitor. It holds it in place very well.