Base Loaded Antennas

We suggest that a base loaded antenna be mounted so the tip of the antenna ends up in the very front of the nose of the canopy. How it's mounted is totally optional. The Revolution antenna provides a hole in the base which accommodates a 3mm bolt or screw. On some of my models, I simply slide the antenna between the fuel tank and the Velcro.

The most important thing is that it be as far away from other components as possible. A little thought during the radio installation should result in the wire being at least an inch from all other components and wires.

When making the connections, it is very important to use a good crimp and minimal solder. The wire should be encased in heat shrink tubing at the joint and at least 1/2 inch above the joint. This is because solder wicks up the wire and will cause the wire to break if it isn't supported with shrink tube. Another piece of shrink tube should be placed over the joint between the male and female connectors. Total of 3 pieces of shrink tube. It would be nice if this were included with the antenna, but the Radio Shack stuff works fine.

A proper range check should be performed before the installation and again afterwards. There should be no significant loss in range. Range checks are another topic, but should be done with the antenna collapsed on Futaba and removed from JR transmitters. The actual range varies greatly between brands when the antenna isn't in the picture. Consult your manual.

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