Eflite's Blade mCX is a real hoot!

We got them in on October 1st and immediately started flying it. So far we've crashed
it about 20 times and it's still flying like new. One of the crashes was all the way from the
ceiling in the warehouse.  It doesn't auto :-)  It's a tough little unit, but I think the key to
survival is it's light weight. At 25 grams, there's not a whole lot of potential for damage.

.We tried to land it up there

One of the first things we tried was landing it on the Sodium Light fixture on the side of the building. 

Nathan crashes on the dumpster when the wind got it. No damage. 

Wind is a little bit of a problem, but if it's less than about 2 knots, it holds it's own. A ceiling
fan or air conditioning duct will make it go a little off course, but not too bad.

More outside flying

It's not really an outside model.

It's tempting to give it a little smooch.

We land it on each other's heads and hands. I don't think it can hurt you too bad, however do not
try this at home. We are trained professionals! <VBG>
Buy one now!

If yours won't go forward easily, tape a dime to the nose of the canopy. You'll sacrifice some
gyro performance, but overall, it helps a lot.