Corpus Christi 2010

Special thanks Wayne and Ellen Eckiss, who have volunteered to pick up and serve the BBQ for the last several years. They work their tails off and I appreciate it!

On the way to the field Saturday morning. We've had some rain lately! On either side of the road are cotton fields...maybe next year.

This is the nicest place we've ever had for the funfly. There were only a couple rules the airport people asked us to follow. No ruts in the grass and no trash when we left. There are always a few in every crowd. We picked up two bags full of trash Sunday morning, most of it come from one area. And then there was this.

We tried to block this off but most of them drove around the cars! I'm not naming the guys that did this. They know who they are. Next year, check the website and please follow the rules.. In their defense, I probably should have had a sign out there. Now that I have that out of my system, I will say that this year was a lot of fun.

Most people actually had clean shoes when it was over!

Some didn't. Fortunately, there weren't very many crashes this year.

Scott Milton (Ace Helis Painted Canopies) demonstrates how he holds his paint brush.

All IRCHA members know this guy. Ron Kummer from Ohio. He won the mCX race Saturday night. Mr. smooth.

Three gentlemen from Mexico having a good time.

Mike flew in from Algeria for the funfly ... no kidding.

Zach and Jackie from All my RC

Bobby Jack assumes the position. That's his new Fury 55.

Trade ya.

Will number 3 please step forward.

A little combat fun. These guys all fly helicopters too. Hits were rare, which fortifies the "Big Sky" theory.

Proud daddy finds time for R/C.

Karen babysits.

Lots of kids this year. They had lots of room to run around and burn energy.

Sunday morning after the BBQ. Brett liked the BBQ.

Nathan tries to fly Robert Mchord's turbine but they were having engine troubles. Nathan likes flying this machine!

Sunday morning things had slowed down quite a bit.

Old school but still a great machine. Hirobo Freya

This Citabria was giving people rides. Loops, rolls and some great landings.

That's a wrap for this year. The funfly starts on the third Friday in February next year. Mark your calender.


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