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April 16, 2010

We have quite a few Radikal 20 Gasser parts in stock now. I will be adding a new category under Century Parts today.

Feb 11, 2010

The Radikal 20 gasser is getting to be very popular. Bill Meador says it's exactly what he's been asking them to make. He loves it and we stock it.

Older news (2009 and older)

We are all stocked up on Century parts again! If you see something in the store that is out of stock, more than likely, it's not offered anymore.

Century's new factory is online and parts are flowing in. We should be back in good shape soon. Kits should start arriving around the end of the month.

One of our customers brought his Swift in for a checkup. While going over it I discovered that the t/r system is backwards. Right rudder pushes the rod to the rear. While we can get away with this using a carbon rod for control, it is still wrong. Unfortunately you can't just reverse the t/r blade grips because of the geometry of the linkage and the belt would require major surgery to change to the other direction. So, for now, we left his set up the way the directions call for. It is my thinking that you should think of the t/r control rod as a string, not a rod. With a head that turns the way the Swift does it doesn't take any t/r power to yaw left. But, to turn right, it does take power and that should be done with a pulling action not a pushing action. This eliminates any flexing of the control rod. I guess Nathan didn't look closely at the directions because he has his built right. He's using a Quick UK t/r hub and grips which can be turned either way.

We just added the Swift to our Century lineup. Parts are in stock. Nathan built one and is flying it with the motor and ESC that comes with the complete kit. It's an absolute rocket ship! He's having a lot of fun with it. We're limiting the flights to 6 minutes even though we could probably get more. At $299.99, the Thunder Power THP50006SX battery isn't something you want to abuse. We charge it with either the THP1010/THP210 or the BANBC8. The BC8 is my favorite. It's easier to tell what the status is and it has that cool charting capability.

We have what you need to stretch your machine to use 810mm blades. Boom, Torque Tube, Blades, High Speed tail gears, T/R control rod and the Heavy duty clutch.

I got my gasser back from the "Bill Meador Mod Shop". I crashed it and Bill volunteered to repair it and make a few changes. Well, I sure didn't turn that down!  When I got it back, it had a new cylinder and piston in it. He changed it to a 231...a smooth 231! It also had 810 Century RotorTech blades and a Vario "Tall" landing gear. Holy Cow! This thing autos like nothing I've ever seen. It touches down like a butterfly. And, it climbs out like a homesick angel. I like it! Thanks Bill.

James Flemming and I spent Friday (June 24th) flying various Century models. I was very impressed with how smooth the Hawk Pro was. This machine pegged my fun meter. I'm what I call a sport flyer, I don't do any of the hardcore 3D stuff. Of course I do shoot a lot of autos and this little machine is a very good one for learning those. It doesn't have a driven tail, but it's still a lot of fun, and very predictable. I did an "aggressive" touchdown and snapped one of the landing gear struts. We put a Quick UK gear on it, which is pretty big and plenty strong. Some of the places I fly aren't all that smooth, so this gear is perfect.
In forward flight, the tail feels really good. Most of that is in the setup of the radio and gyro, but something about this tail is special. Nothing fancy, just really good.

We also flew his 231 powered gasser. It's a lot smoother than mine was with a modified 26, and seemed to have just as much power. I think I prefer the smooth power of the 231 over the raw power of the 26.

Gasser kits are available.

Be sure to use the parts list in the back of the manual when you order parts. Some of the pictures in the manual are copied from earlier manuals. In particular, the torque tube for the gasser is actually CNHW6063BS.

Predator Carbon Gassers are here. Only a few. Ours all have the Metal A arms, 115mm carbon tail blades and 720mm main blades. James Fleming built one for me and turned it over to me on October 17th. I am thrilled with the kit and the great job James did building it. Payton helped with the radio setup since James is a Futaba guy and I'll be using a JR 10X in it. It involved a lot of late night work for both of them and I really appreciate it.

The project

James, Payton, the Gasser and I. Thanks to David Frisk for the pictures.

The parts for the Predator are now in the online store. We have most Predator parts in stock. Upgrades will be added as demand warrants. We have a few of the Carbon Max kits in stock now.


Today I added the Predator Kits to the online store. We only have a few of each, and we already have some orders, so I suspect we'll be reordering as early as Monday. It will take a little while to get all the parts and pictures up on the website. Initially we will break down a couple of each kit so we will have a few of every standard part on the wall. Once we find out what you are using the most of, we'll have a deep inventory of replacement parts. This might take a while and will require your cooperation. This is the way I started the Xcell line and it worked out very well. By breaking the kits down, we not only have all the parts, but we learn a lot about the kit. That really helps. Not only that, but we'll also be taking good pictures of all the parts and posting them in the online store so you know exactly what's included. I'm sure we'll make some mistakes along the way, but we'll correct them as soon as we find out. That's where we need your cooperation. Thanks for your support.


A little history

We made a decision a few years ago to carry some Century parts because so many guys were asking for them and Phil Noel, the Canadian distributor for Century,  was bugging me. I have to be honest; because of  some dealings I had with them many years ago, I wasn't too impressed with Century products or the company as a whole, but I like Phil and he had always treated me well. So rather than endure the countless phone calls, I caved in and agreed to carry some Hawk parts.

Much to my surprise, Century's service has been exceptional. They seem to have a really good inventory of parts and are quick to let me know when a part is out of stock. My orders are processed quickly and normally shipped within a day. Problems and warranty issues are handled fairly and quickly. It seems that some of the other manufacturers could learn a lesson from Century.

I run into Hawk lovers at just about every funfly I go to. Not too many, but a few. And, these guys are adamant Hawkers. They don't fly them because they're cheap. They fly them because they like them. Now the Predator seems to have a similar following. I've had the opportunity to fly a couple Predators and I have to say, they fly very nicely.

So ... we're going to expand our Century wall and make room for Predator parts. I estimate that we should have them in and ready to go around the end of October 2003. These will be the latest and greatest kits and parts. Please be patient, we want to do this right.

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