Xcell Fury Expert

No longer available

MA Fury Expert 1018-5
Cost $722
Crash Index $114.14 / $94.14 metal boom
Ease of building Moderate
Instructions Excellent
Ease of repair Moderate
Parts Count Moderate to High
Ball Bearing Count High
Canopy Material Fiberglass
Frames G-10
Tail Drive Torque Tube
Blades None
Tail Rotor Blades Plastic
Head Metal Hub Plastic Grips
Linkages Ball Link
Start System Requires an adapter
Fins G-10 (Fiberglass)
Fuel Tank Front
Main Shaft 10mm
Axle/Spindle 8mm
Weight 9 1/2 lbs.
Visibility Good
Comments This kit went together very well for me. The pre-assembled head block and torque tube make it that much faster to build.

Last Updated on 2/26/2010 By Ron Lund