Fury 55

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Fury 55 MA1028
Suitability Beginner - Pro. Belt drive makes this a good choice for the beginner. Hopefully someone will come up with a cheap plastic canopy for beginners. This machine is capable of the most radical 3D imaginable.
Parts Availability This is a new machine. By mid 2010 all parts should be in good supply.
Cost $630
Crash Index $56
Ease of building Fast
Instructions The best I've seen. Excellent illustrations and step by step instruction.
Ease of repair Very easy
Parts Count Low
Ball Bearing Count High quality ball bearings everywhere.
Canopy Material Pre-painted Fiberglass
Frames Carbon
Tail Drive Belt. Constant Drive.
Blades 600mm or 620mm
Tail Rotor Blades Carbon
Head Metal Block with Plastic Grips
Start System No stick Hex
Fins Carbon
Fuel Tank 15.5 oz.
Main Shaft 10mm
Axle/Spindle 8mm
Weight Just over 7 lbs
Visibility Not bad. Much better with bright colors
Features Simple Construction. Adjustable Flybar ratio. Easy radio layout.
Comments Unique CCPM servo setup works very well.
Made in the USA. Flys like a dream.

Last Updated on 2/26/2010 By Ron Lund