Futura SE / Millennium

  Futura SE and Milli
Cost We don't sell the kits
Crash Index $96.27
Ease of building Easy
Instructions Good
Ease of repair Easy
Parts Count The SE is low. The Milli is medium
Ball Bearing Count High/Complete
Canopy Material Plastic
Frames Aluminium/Carbon available
Tail Drive Torque Tube/Aluminium
Blades None / Will accept 710mm
Tail Rotor Blades None / NHP 105mm recommended
Head Metal/Plastic Grips
Linkages Ball Links
Start System Hex / no one way bearing
Pegae Compatible Yes
Fins Plastic / Carbon 3d available
Fuel Tank Front on SE/ Rear on Milli
Main Shaft 10mm
Axle/Spindle 8mm
Weight 10 1/2
Visibility Very good
Comments The SE is my personal favorite helicopter.Constant Drive Tail
Standard Double reduction belt drive is very easy to install and
isolates vibration. Rear facing engine makes glow plug access a snap.
Worthwhile upgrades Metal Horizontal Fin mount has a better grip on the tail boom.
3D Carbon fins are lighter and IMHO better looking
That's it. No more. Lots of metal stuff available, but
not recommended.

Last Updated on 3/11/05
By Ron Lund