Eflite mCX

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Suitability Indoor or NO WIND flying only. It is so easy to fly that it isn't really a good learning machine, but it is better than nothing.
Parts Availability Excellent
Cost $115 includes everything you need to fly
Crash Index $24 but this model can crash very hard and sustain no damage. Eventually, you break something though.
Ease of building Ready to Fly
Instructions Good
Ease of repair Excellent
Parts Count Very Low
Ball Bearing Count There are bearings. It doesn't need very many
Canopy Material Plastic
Frames Plastic
Tail Drive No tail. It controls yaw by adjusting the speed of the bottom blades.
Blades Plastic. They might sting a little if it hits you, but not too bad.
Tail Rotor Blades N/A
Head Plastic
Start System N/A
Fins Plastic
Fuel Tank Uses a 1S 110 - 130mah pack.
Main Shaft There are actually two main shafts. One for the upper blades and one for the lower blades.
Axle/Spindle N/A
Weight About 1 ounce. That's it's key to durability. It's like a feather crashing.
Visibility Small but it'll always be close
Features Includes battery and charger,
transmitter...the works. Any wind will throw it off, even a ceiling fan. It's okay to fly it outside if there is no wind but this is primarily an indoor helicopter.
Comments Get some extra batteries.Not necessarily a good machine to learn with, but it is a lot of fun and it will give you some skill that you wouldn't get otherwise. It is very easy to fly.

Last Updated on 3/1/2010 By Ron Lund