Century Predator

Cost $Call
Crash Index $60.25
Ease of building Not the easiest, but it goes together
Instructions This is why it isn't the easiest
Ease of repair Moderate
Parts Count Moderate
Ball Bearing Count Complete
Canopy Material Fiberglass
Frames Metal/Carbon depends on which model
Tail Drive Shaft
Blades Depends on the model. Ask
Tail Rotor Blades As above
Head Metal hub/Plastic Grips
Start System Hex w/one way bearing
Fins Plastic or Carbon depending on model
Fuel Tank Front
Main Shaft 10mm
Axle/Spindle 8mm solid
Weight 10 3/4 WAG
Visibility Very Good
Features I'm flying the gasser model. It's a good, solid

Last Updated on 3/11/2005 By Ron Lund