Radikal 20 Gasser

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Radikal 20
Suitability Capable of any type of flying, but perfect for general sport flying.
Parts Availability Okay. Getting better. This is a new machine.
Cost $800 - $950 including engine, depending on the configuration. $500 - $600 without engine.
Crash Index $60.40
Ease of building Just follow the instructions
Instructions Excellent
Ease of repair Medium
Parts Count Medium
Ball Bearing Count Ball Bearings everywhere
Canopy Material Plastic
Frames G-10 or Carbon
Tail Drive Belt - Fully Driven
Blades 620mm - 640mm
Tail Rotor Blades Plastic
Head Metal center Block - Plastic grips
Start System Hex - Removable Pull start (optional)
Fins G-10
Fuel Tank Good for 30 minutes
Main Shaft 10mm
Axle/Spindle 7mm
Weight Mfg. claims 9.9 lbs
Visibility Good - No smoke
Features Lightweight - Uses gasoline/oil mixture - No smoke - High Performance
Comments Bill Meador says this machine is exactly what he's been waiting for!

Last Updated on 2/27/2010 By Ron Lund