Raptor 30 V2

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Raptor V2 kit. Other configurations available
Suitability Begginer and sport flyer
Parts Availability Good for now. This model has been around a while. There are lots of V2 parts out there and many of the Titan parts can be adapted to this frame.
Cost Less than $300 Call us.
Crash Index $47.66
Ease of building Easy
Instructions Good
Ease of repair Easy
Parts Count Low
Ball Bearing Count High
Canopy Material One Pc Plastic
Frames Plastic
Tail Drive Belt
Blades Wood 550mm w/4mm bolts
Tail Rotor Blades Plastic
Head Plastic
Start System 6mm Hex w/one way bearing
Fins Plastic
Fuel Tank Rear
Main Shaft 10mm
Axle/Spindle 5mm Solid
Weight 6 1/2 lbs.
Visibility Good for a 30
Features The Raptor is the one that made the hobby grow by leaps and bounds.
Comments We recommend you fly it as it comes and upgrade only as needed

Last Updated on 2/26/2010 By Ron Lund