T-Rex 500 CF

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T-rex 500 CF KX017001A
Suitability Beginner - Expert. This is an excellent learning machine if you want to use electric power. Beginners, don't even think about upgrading to a torque tube tail drive.
Parts Availability Excellent
Cost $400 with motor, esc and carbon blades
Crash Index $27.19
$24.41 with part finder discount
$21.75 for loyal customers
Ease of building Very quick and easy
Instructions Good
Ease of repair Excellent
Parts Count Low
Ball Bearing Count Complete
Canopy Material Pre-painted Fiberglass
Frames Two plate Carbon
Tail Drive Belt
Blades Carbon
Tail Rotor Blades Plastic
Head All Metal
Linkages Ball Links
Start System N/A
Fins Carbon
Fuel Tank N/A
Main Shaft 8mm
Axle/Spindle 6mm
Weight Under 4lbs
Visibility A lot better than you would think.
Comments The 500 is a perfect model for someone who wants a compact, yet high performance machine. It can be tuned for almost any flying style. It includes thrust bearings in the tail as well as the main rotor head. It takes a 5S or 6S battery from 2500 - 3700mah. I really like this model with a 5S pack and a 15 tooth pinion. I can easily fly 7 minutes on a charge and have good power throughout the flight.
Features This model is the one I fly. I did add a torque tube drive. I love it. It autos really well and has insane power.
Upgrades Torque tube drive if you're real good at autos. Otherwise stick with the belt or buy a couple dozen sets of tail gears. With the torque tube be very careful not to let your t/r blades hit the ground.
Last Updated on 2/25/2010 By Ron Lund