T-rex 600 ESP

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T-rex 600 ESP
Suitability Intermediate - Expert. Less than ideal for beginners because of the torque tube drive.
Parts Availability Excellent
Cost Around $550 depending on the configuration. Combo kits are due in soon. They will include everything but the kitchen sink and run around $900.
Crash Index $30.13
$27.11 with parts finder discount
$24.40 with loyal customer discount
Ease of building Fun
Instructions Decent
Ease of repair Easy
Parts Count Low
Ball Bearing Count All ball bearing
Canopy Material Pre-painted Fiberglass
Frames Carbon
Tail Drive Torque Tube
Blades Carbon 600mm
Tail Rotor Blades Carbon
Head All Metal
Start System N/A
Fins Carbon
Fuel Tank N/A
Main Shaft 10mm
Axle/Spindle 8mm
Weight Just over 7 lbs
Visibility Good
Features Carbon Paddles, all of the metal upgrades except the tail grips are plastic.
Comments Comes with 14 and 15 tooth pinion gears. Includes a BEC and step down regulator. You can expect flight times of around 5 minutes.

Last Updated on 2/26/2010 By Ron Lund