Crook stories

Some of these are old but still true.

Michael Norton is back at it. This time he's posing as Walter Opperman. This guy is unbelievable!

Update on Tom Lehn and Michael Norton...the plot thickens

It seems that they might be one in the same person. I recently got an email from a gentleman in Australia who bought an underwater camera from a lady on with the username nursenan.  She asked that the check be sent to her husband, Tom Lehn. The check was cashed, but no camera showed up. It turns out that the check was mailed to 109 Williams St. in Port Orange, Florida, which is Michael Norton's address. If you've been keeping up with Michael's escapades, you know he has been a busy guy. The total now is over $10,000. *Since then he has moved to Georgia and taken on the alias of Walter Opperman

Note: Had the gentleman in Australia followed the advice at the bottom of this page, especially #2, he might have seen the connection before he sent the check.

When you travel, keep an eye on your credit card! Or better yet get one just for the trip and then lock it down when you get back.

Aslam Khan, from Pakistan,  managed to get a credit card number from a lady that had just returned from a trip abroad. He placed a $3500 plus order on her card. She was surprised to hear about it when I called her. Needless to say, Aslam might be waiting a while for his package.

Montana Business man tries to steal two 10X Radios

Counterfiet Money Orders Used to pay for Ergo Gasser in Houston

Crooks can be close to home

Everything I buy shows up missing or broken

List of people who have failed to pay

Try not to be a victim

If you find a model on the internet, and you think you might want to buy it, be very cautious.

  1. Ask for a lot of good close-up RECENT pictures. Don't accept a picture that doesn't show details.
  2. Know the seller. Do a search for his name on the internet. Try or Google, and the mailing list archives.
  3. If he gives references, check them out. Remember, anyone can put anything on the internet...that doesn't make it so.
  4. Agree on payment terms and what will happen if you aren't satisfied. Basically be prepared to keep whatever is sent.
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