Crooks can be close to home

Toward the end of 2000, we discovered that two of our employees were stealing things from the shop. It was our shipping guys, Nayer "Nick" Hussain and his brother Nassir. At first we thought it was just Nick, but as it turns out Nassir was very involved also. It started while Nathan and I were gone to the IRCHA jamboree. They took two Raptors home. Then Nick, who made the daily runs to the post office stopped bringing the change back. This amounted to $900 in the month that he did it. Later we found out that they were shipping stuff to some guys in New York and having  cashier's checks sent to their personal address. All in all we believe they made off with over $8000. Needless to say, they were fired. 

Nick had a cocaine habit that ruined his life. He is now on the run with nowhere to go. He lost his wife, his kids, his job and soon his freedom. It's ironic, Nick came to us after leaving his job as a prison guard at one of the nearby state penitentiaries. He's going to have a miserable life.

Nassir is reportedly attending pharmaceutical school in California. Hopefully, we will find him and have him arrested.

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