These people do not pay their bills and refuse to return phone calls.

Tom Lehn ... Womelsdorf, PA $3734.32.Years ago he conned Shawn into sending stuff open account. On 9/9/04 we found out that someone in Australia bought a camera from him. The check was sent to Mike Norton's (see below) address. The check was cashed, but no camera was sent.

Mike Norton ... Port Orange, FL.. $4268.09 .. He also got Vario USA for $4800

Sam Augustine ... Houston, TX... $881.34 He sent his boy to our funfly to pick up his stuff. His boy was on the phone to him three or four times that night with his dad discussing what to get. Then he told the credit card company that it was an unauthorized purchase because he didn't sign the ticket and refused to pay.

David Bass ... Cookville, TN ... $565.16

Mike Saleeby ... Washington, NC $854.49

Walter Veneziale ... El Reno, OK ... $749.86

Tim Nelson ... Grand Bay, Alabama ... hot check $86.96

Alex Marconi (Marconi Enterprises)... Sao Paulo, Brazil .... way too much!

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