Everything I buy shows up missing or broken

I'm not ready to put his name up yet, but he knows who he is, and all of his friends know who he is.

Being the trusting soul that I am, this guy hit me harder than the other 6 heli vendors he was cheating. The first package we sent him resulted in a claim with UPS. The package contained over $1200 in replacement parts and accessories. He reported that most of the parts were missing. As we must do, I called UPS and they sent someone over to inspect the package. The inspector gave him a call tag with instructions to send the package back. 

His next package was left at his front door and was eaten by the neighbor's dog...another claim with UPS

Another package showed up and he claimed that parts were missing.  I packed this order personally in one of the boxes that they ship Raptor 60s in. That box is almost 1/2 inch thick and almost impossible to break. Not to mention that I probably used a whole roll of packing tape on the box...and wrapped the parts in a separate package inside the box. When I explained that, the parts showed up magically. 

He wanted to return some parts, including a Futaba 401 gyro. When the package arrived, there was no gyro in the box, only a few miscellaneous parts. The box wasn't damaged at all. When I refused to give him credit for the gyro and refused to "file a claim with UPS", I thought he dropped the issue. Later when I mentioned it, he blamed his wife. 

Then the credit card company started charging back our account because he was refusing to pay for the merchandise, saying that he hadn't gotten it or had returned it. We provided the paperwork to prove that he did indeed send some things back, but his card had been credited for everything he actually sent back, about $120. However, he was refusing to pay for any of it. 

Instead of using the call tag that UPS had left for the $1200 package, he made a copy of it and sent it to the credit card company as proof that he had sent the package back, when in fact, he had only sent an empty box back. This was his undoing.

Remember he's doing this to several vendors simultaneously, so UPS is getting a little suspicious and started investigating him. The credit card company also assigned an investigator to the case because every order he placed on the internet ended up with his refusing to pay.

We were video taping his boxes from the time we packed them until we slapped the UPS label on them. This guy was digging a really big hole for himself.

To make a long story short, the credit card company reinstated our account with all disputed funds and plans to do the same with all the vendors. They also froze all of his credit cards and are pursuing criminal charges. The Postal Service is aware of his tactics and are itching to slap him with mail fraud. The local police are watching him too.

Oh yes, one other thing. One of his friends needed a transmitter. We had a new in the box 10SX transmitter, which we sent along with one of his orders for $300. The transmitter got there and it didn't have a battery in it. We didn't find that to be impossible, so we sent a brand new battery pack off the wall. That one didn't make it either, so we sent another one. The funny thing is, his friend never did get a battery pack for his transmitter. Our genius had kept all three of them and probably told his "friend" that there wasn't a battery in the deal he made for the transmitter. What a guy!

It's too bad that the temptation to cheat someone is so easy to give in to for some people. We try to run an honest business and we assume our customers are 100% honest too. When the bad apple turns up, it really makes you wonder. Luckily, I will continue to assume that everyone is honest and put my trust in the old saying about "What goes around, comes around". This guy has pretty much lost his ability to pursue this hobby and lost any friends that he might have had at one time. His life has made a big turn for the worse.

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