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Hirobo Freya

Brian Reed submitted the following:

Hi Ron,

I installed the 11T/93T gear combination in my Freya yesterday and it’s great. My .80’s running down in it’s powerband now and the machine’s never been smoother. Very impressive!

In addition to the two collective servos; I’ve also moved the collective arm’s ball position back 24MM from the original (front) ball’s hole. This changes the collective servo’s strength advantage from 1.4:1 to 1.2:1, but with two servos (175 oz/in of collective power) it’s no trouble at all. What it loses in strength, it gains in speed, though (lower collective servo ATV’s) making the machine feel just like a CCPM heli without having to buy new, expensive, digital, high-torque/speed servos.

dual collective servos

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