2010 Funfly Schedule

This page will be suspended at the end of July. The most complete list of funfly events can be found on Runryder here. Love 'em or hate 'em, they have the best list. My friends at Helifreak also have a list here.
We will continue to support heli funflys. Please send requests for donations to me via email.

Barnesville, PA June 12-13 Tuscarora State Park Alex Kosatschkow
Hampton, VA June 19-20 http://www.helisovertidewater.com/ Jim Senicka
Indianapolis, IN July 24 www.irchc.com Jeff Carpenter

Please try to keep your registration fees under $25. In 2007, I saw fees up to $35, which is crazy. To most newbies and most veteran pilots, that's a lot more money than they want to pay. The newbies don't know that it's worth every penny. If you want to raise money for your club, get the members more involved. Many years ago, my local airplane club raised over $3500 raffling off a .ready to fly 45 size trainer. It was built by the club members 4 months before the funfly. We did a Mall Show and afterwards hung it up over the counter in a local tool business. Tickets were 1 dollar. The entry fee for the funfly was $5. At the funfly we sold about 200 tickets. Had we waited until the funfly to sell tickets, we would have lost money.
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