X-cell Fury Expert Drawings

It's a good idea to check the Fury Extreme plans to see if there's an updated part that can be used on the Expert. The Extreme plans have been merged into only 8 diagrams. I think they are much clearer and that makes it a lot easier to find the parts.
12.jpg (49775 bytes)
Left side frame
Vertical Channels
Lower main bearing block
14.jpg (58147 bytes)
Frame spacers
15.jpg (37656 bytes)
T/R pinion gear and shaft
16.jpg (40713 bytes)
Crown Gear
17.jpg (54048 bytes)
Auto-rotation Hub
18.jpg (45621 bytes)
Bottom collar at Auto hub
20.jpg (43727 bytes)
Split collars and sleeve.
Main Shaft - 866-15
23.jpg (44917 bytes)
Bottom front channel and trays
24.jpg (49384 bytes)
Left side canopy stud
25.jpg (44584 bytes)
Fore-aft bellcrank
27.jpg (48366 bytes)

Right side canopy stud

28.jpg (41888 bytes)
Screws at Anti-rotation guide
29.jpg (51871 bytes)

Side bellcranks

30.jpg (56084 bytes)
T/R front bellcrank
32.jpg (29654 bytes)
Struts and Landing gear braces
33.jpg (40780 bytes)
Landing gear assembly
34.jpg (39905 bytes)
37.jpg (36656 bytes)
39.jpg (71752 bytes)
41.jpg (69408 bytes)
Engine mounts
42.jpg (59055 bytes)
Engine mount shims
43.jpg (52287 bytes)
Bottom channel (50)
44.jpg (47870 bytes)
Bottom braces (60)
45.jpg (23892 bytes)
Fan shroud
46.jpg (65204 bytes)

Shroud brackets
Switch mount

47.jpg (69109 bytes)
Mounting the fan shroud
48.jpg (50469 bytes)
Fuel tank and fittings
49.jpg (51131 bytes)
Tank strap
51.jpg (41685 bytes)
Washout and swash plate
54.jpg (29245 bytes)
T/R Hub
58.jpg (38794 bytes)
T/R Gearbox

Note: Part # for t/r output shaft has changed to 541-8

6.jpg (33174 bytes)
60.jpg (45056 bytes)
T/R Hub orientation
62.jpg (45877 bytes)
Torque Tube
T/R pushrod guides
Horizontal fin mount
63.jpg (41908 bytes)
T/R gearbox mount
64.jpg (47256 bytes)
Boom Clamp
Rear Canopy Standoffs
66.jpg (42621 bytes)
Boom Supports (50)
67.jpg (48798 bytes)
Boom Supports (60)
68.jpg (29940 bytes)
Boom Support rear details (All)
69.jpg (44237 bytes)
T/R pushrod

Note: The part number of the links here is correct. 

71.jpg (53233 bytes)
Servo mounting
72.jpg (73163 bytes)
Servo Details
73.jpg (51970 bytes)
Switch Mount
75.jpg (59551 bytes)
Front t/r pushrod
77.jpg (77762 bytes)
Linkage Details
79.jpg (43074 bytes)
Servo #1 Support
8.jpg (69686 bytes)
80.jpg (47242 bytes)
Servos 2 thru 4
81.jpg (71045 bytes)
91.jpg (38774 bytes)
Flybar mixing ratios
gyro mount.jpg (53693 bytes)
Gyro Mount