Futaba 520 Gyro

Super tiny and super light. This gyro is perfect for small electrics but it has the guts it takes to work on a wild 90 size machine too.

Take a look at the manual here.

The USB interface is fairly easy to use and allows adjustment of all the parameters using your PC.  It's a good idea to try the defaults before changing anything except the limits, servo type and direction. Be sure to set the servo type before plugging in the servo!

Here is a link to the USB interface manual and software. You need to go get the USB driver before you can use it. It's here. 

They include a cord with the interface, but it's just a male/female extension. That's okay if you want to unplug wires from your receiver every time you want to hook it up, but having a male/male cord would be very handy.   We will get some extra cords ASAP.

As with any gyro, it is very important that you adjust the control rod length in normal mode before setting the limits.