Futura SE
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Upper Frames and Bellcranks 55K
Clutch and Fan 51K
Mainshaft-Auto Hub-Bearing Strips-Drive Gears 109K
Engine Mount-Fan Shroud 59K
Flybar-Head Button-Bellmixers 62K
Head-Blade Axle 83K
Frame Assembly-Upper Canopy Mounts 80K
Frames Exploded-Anti-rotation 90K
Mechanics Assembled 99K
Landing Gear-Canopy 44K
Radio Tray Exploded 101K
Swashplate w/balls 17K
Front Tail Bearing Block 20K
Tail-Fins-Boom-Boom Braces 133K
Tail Gearbox Exploded 67K
Fuel Tank 21K
Washout 30K
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Parts List 2
Gear Ratios