Getting Started with a T-Rex 450

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When you shop in my online store, you have a choice of two T-Rex 450 kits; the 450SA or the 450SEV2. There are quite a few differences that you should be aware of. I'll talk about them and give you my thoughts. No matter which one you choose, you're going to have big fun.

For those who are considering buying a T-Rex 450, this section will help with the purchase. I'll list all of the items you'll need to buy in order to get your model up in the air successfully. 

In addition to the kit you will need:


There is really only one way to go here... spread spectrum (2.4 Ghz). These radios have taken over and for good reason. In the "old" days (last year), whenever you flew, you had to worry about someone else turning on a radio that was on the same frequency as yours. If that happened, it was very likely you were going to crash. With spread spectrum, that worry disappeared.  There are a couple ways to go here.


You need pretty good servos if you want the model to fly well. On my first 450 I went really cheap. That was a mistake. The model just doesn't fly good with cheapo servos. Stay away from them. The servos that control the swashplate need to be identical. The one that takes care of the tail rotor needs to be fast.





SA or SE?

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