Gyro setup problems.

We get more questions from people having a problem setting up their gyro than any other single aspect of the hobby. Normally, the problem stems from the transmitter setup or some setting on the gyro that is overlooked.

We recently had a fellow drive from San Antonio (150 miles one way) to come here and have us look at his Raptor. He had called and was having a problem with his model pirouetting wildly. Nathan spent as much time with him as possible and asked him all of the appropriate questions to no avail. Evidently, either the guy wasn't listening or thought he knew the answers and failed to check each thing Nathan asked him to check because, when he got here, Nathan reversed the gyro and the machine was fine. It took all of 10 seconds.

Please read this stuff carefully, don't assume anything. If you still don't find the solution to your problem, give us a call on the phone, have the model next to you, charged and ready to fly. If we ask you to check or do something, actually check it or do it. Or, you are always welcome to come to Corpus Christi and we'll take a look at it.

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Click on the troubleshooter box. Explore that stuff, then if your problem isn't solved, come back here and read the stuff below. Whether the article refers to a specific radio or gyro or not, there is still some information to be had in these articles.

Setup Tip #1

Using the JR 9303 radio with the Futaba 611 and others.

CSM 540 Gyro

CSM's website

JR G5000T

Telebee Setup page


8UH Gain Trick