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All of the gyros we sell have adjustable gain. If your gyro has a "Remote Gain" feature, it can be adjusted from the transmitter. If it doesn't, it has a little adjustment screw on the gyro that you can turn to adjust the gain.
Futaba 401 gyros must be in AVCS (Heading Hold) mode when they are turned on. If not, they do not initialize properly. The LED on top will be solid red after a few seconds if it is in AVCS mode..
I really like to keep things simple when it comes to the gyro. I don't use any "auto" features because I want the same gain all the time and I very seldom change the gain or the mode after the initial setup.
Advanced users might want to run a little more gain in hovering mode and a little less when they are in fast forward flight. Advanced users probably aren't using this page to troubleshoot their gyros either.
If you flip the switch that "should" change the gain, but doesn't, unplug the gain connector. Now plug a servo into the same channel the gain connector was in. Flip the switch. The servo should sweep from one end to the other. If it doesn't, you've found the problem.
Most computer radios today have a "Function" menu and some have a "Gyro" menu. The "Function menu lets you choose what a particular switch is going to do.  I suggest reading your radio manual or setting the function to Gear. The gyro works just like a servo. If it's at one end, it's in heading hold with high gain. If it's at the other end, it's in normal (rate) mode with high gain. The gain is then set using the Travel Adjust. The closer you get to the middle, the lower the gain is.
Usually guys get "most" of the radio setup right. I normally only have to change the gain value to make the gyro behave. Going from a value of 50 to a value of -50  on their gyro page is all it usually takes.
I'm going to try to find the time to post specific procedures for different transmitters, but there's enough information here now for you to fix your problem.

I can't change the gain