Jason Krause Phone Session Recap

On February 17th we had Jason here in the office answering the phone for a couple hours. He got quite a few calls, but the vast majority of questions are here. Almost everyone wanted to know about the engines he is using.

Q. What pipe and gear ratio do you recommend for the YS 91 and your type of flying?
A. Hatori SB16 Two Piece Muffler. I use 8.45:1 because I find it has more power. However, the engine will perform well at 8.18:1

Q. I saw you flying the OS 91 C-Spec. How do you like it?
A. The engine I'm using is a test bed for a pressurized fuel system. It's working very well at this time, but it's still in the testing stages.

Q. What gear ratio do you use with the OS 91?
A. 8.18:1

Q. What pipe do you use on the O.S. 91 C-Spec?
A. I use the Muscle Pipe II on the O.S.

Q. Do you recommend the t/r hub upgrade for Extremes that came without it?
A. If you're running a high end gyro like the Futaba 601, or tail rotor blades 105mm or longer then I would recommend it.

Q. Do you have any upgrades on your Fury Extreme?
A. The only upgrade I have on mine is the One Piece  Mainshaft Transmission Block. That way I don't have to Loctite the front t/r output shaft because it ensures perfect alignment of the shaft.

Q. Jason, what servos do you use and how long do they last?
A. Futaba 9252s on everything but the tail rotor. There I use a 9251.  I have over 800 flights on the 9252s and no problems other than an occasional gearset after a crash. The 9251s have been lasting about 200 flights, then the motor gets a little weak. I've never had one fail, but I notice the tail doesn't hold as well.