JR G5000T


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JR’s G5000T Extreme Tail Lock Gyro

Based on JR’s  NEJ-3000, the G5000T features the same Rate gyro technology as its predecessor, while incorporating new Extreme Tail Lock™ Heading Hold mode for  3D performance. Designed specifically for Heli use only, the G5000T offers Heli pilots a wide variety of  features, while maintaining the easy to use format that has become the JR trademark.

Mode Selection

The Tail Lock and Rate modes of the G5000T can be accessed and selected  through either the mode select switch located on the amplifier (manual) or directly through the transmitter via the flight mode switch (automatic). Unlike other high-end gyros having a complicated touch screen or set up mode, the G5000T is simple to use. Just complete the connection, follow the instructions, and you’re ready to go.

Vibration Dampening

The G5000T features JR’s unique Double Action Dampening System that completely isolates the new lightweight Piezo crystal from unwanted vibration, while maximizing performance. This system also offers superior impact protection for the Piezo crystal, making the G5000T more damage resistant than other conventional gyros.

Setup tips

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