T-Rex 600 Nitro

T-rex 700 Nitro

Miniature Aircraft Stratus

Miniature Aircraft Fury Tempest

Miniature Aircraft Fury 55

Synergy N9

Century Raven

Raptor 30 V2

Raptor 50

Raptor 90

Hirobo Freya

Hirobo SDX 50

Hirobo D3



T-rex 250

T-rex 450 Pro

T-rex 500

T-rex 500 ESP

T-Rex 600 ESP Electric

Blade 400


Eflite mCX


Miniature Aircraft Spectra G

Century Radikal 20 Gasser

Century Predator Carbon Gasser

Out of date kits. Listed for information only.

No further updates will be made to these listings.

Xcell Fury
Xcell 60ST
Hirobo Freya X spec
Hirobo Shuttle Plus
Sceadu 30/50
Vigor CS
Robbe Millennium

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We do not deal in Chinese clone helicopters. If you are thinking about buying one of those, think again. There are tons of half-stepper websites out there that do a great job of marketing, but when it comes time to help the customer after the sale, they all fail miserably. Clone helicopters are NO GOOD. They are copies with no standards. They figure that if they can make it "look" like a well engineered model, you'll buy it. That's not what you want, trust me. Over the years I've talked to hundreds of guys who fell for the glitz and the cheap price. All of them wish they would have started with a good model.

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