Lube recommendations

We recommend Slick 50 grease for tail rotor gearboxes that use metal gears. We do NOT recommend that you use it in the Greaser.
Slick 50 grease is available at most Walmart stores.

The  test for a bearing grease to use in the "Greaser" is to put a dab on your thumbnail and then rub your two thumbnails together.
The grease should feel slick, with no gritty feel. We have EMB grease. It's perfect for our bearings.  The item # is GREASE

The Slick 50 will NOT feel this way, so we do NOT recommend you use it in the Greaser, however in the tail rotor gearbox it is the best.

For general lubrication of shafts and exposed bearings we recommend a couple drops of Tri Flow after you're finished flying for the day. This will give the oil a chance to soak into the bearings and keep your stuff from rusting.