Getting More Information from the Internet

Forums are an excellent source of information.

If you have a question about R/C helicopters, this is a good place to find the answer.

Remember, there are no stupid questions, but there can be some very stupid replies!

Just because it's in writing, doesn't mean it's true. I've always said that if you can get 6 people to agree on something, then it's probably true. Other than that, use caution.

When replying to a post, do your fellow modelers a favor and only speak from personal experience. Don't make guesses or quote third parties when answering someone's' question. Don't feel obligated to answer any questions unless you think your answer will actually assist the person posing the question.Also, don't feel like you have reply to every message. There is enough traffic on the forums without the one or two word replies.

Recommended Forums

Have fun, but don't forget to go fly occasionally.

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