The May Day funfly was really great. It was a little windy, which is unusual for South Louisiana, but I think everyone still had a very good time. The LARKS club really went out of their way to make everyone feel welcome. They even passed out insect repellent Saturday night during the night flying. They have a fantastic facility and lots of airspace. 
Curtis dazzled everyone all weekend long. There was only one crash all weekend. Nathan won the autorotation contest. With a score of 10 inches for 5 autos. We talked Curtis into entering too. He  rolled and pirouetted his way to a respectable total, but overshot his first one a little too far. It was fun having him out there. After the free bacon and egg breakfast Sunday morning we had the drag races. Not many competitors, but we put on a pretty good show. 

cyre.jpg (51263 bytes)
Curtis Youngblood's not scared, but it looks like Roland might be a little worried.

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Dave Youngblood pleased the crowd Sunday morning when he flew his scratch built helicopter. It actually flew great. He showed us a picture, taken in 1972, that showed a three year old Curtis sitting on a stool by the workbench, watching his dad build the model.

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John Welsh waits anxiously while Mr. Youngblood ponders the question. I would say he has forgotten more about model helicopters than I'll ever know, but I don't think he's forgotten anything!

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The LARKS field is a perfect place for a heli funfly. South Louisiana hospitality is outstanding. Mike Moss, Bo Hinch and all the other members did a really great job of making everyone feel welcome.