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Code: ELRC500

Early 2015

Elevated R/C Flybar Lock - ELRC500. Video instructions at bottom of page. 



  • Works with almost any model that has a threaded hole in the center of the head block. Including but not limited to:
    T-rex 450
    T-rex 450 Pro (you must put a 4mm washer between the bridge and the brige nut)
    T-rex 500
    T-rex 600
    T-rex 700
    Miniature Aircraft Stratus (and others with threaded hole)
    JR Vibe and Vibe 50
    Hirobo Evo 90
    (Will NOT work on T-rex 250 or Raptors)

  • Holds the flybar level while allowing the head to turn and pitch to be changed.

  •  Unique standoff allows use on head blocks with a radius such as the T-rex 450 and 500.

  • Precisely indicates whether the swashplate is level or not. No other swashplate level works better.

  • Detects static CCPM  interaction. 



  • ELRC501 - Bridge

  • ELRC502 - Vertical scale (2)

  • ELRC503 - Vertical Scale Nut (2)

  • ELRC504 - Bridge Nut

  • ELRC505 - Pointer

  • ELRC506 - Hardware pack (2 - 3mm washers

How it works

As a flybar lock only.

The bridge is bolted to the head center block parallel to the flybar. The standoff allows it to sit level on the head, even if the head has a slight radius. The vertical scale is bolted to the end of the bridge loosely. The flybar is adjusted so that it is perpendicular to the main shaft. The scales are then tightened. Check the scale lines and adjust so they are the same on both sides. Now the flybar is locked in position and you can use your pitch gauge to check the pitch. No need for levels.

As a swashplate level.

Insert a piece of wire into the end of the bridge. I like to use a piece of a paperclip, but you can use any kind of wire. Use the 2.5mm set screw and the supplied Allen wrench to secure the wire.

Turn on your transmitter and receiver, then attach the Pointer to your flybar, lining it up with the wire, but not touching it as in the second picture above. Now rotate the head. Note the position of the pointer in relation to the wire. If your swashplate is level, the pointer will not move. The accuracy of this procedure depends on how slop free your control system is. You can "pre-load" the control system by setting one of the main blades to lag or lead just slightly. With no slop, you should be able to detect very small changes. To check for interaction, simply check for level at high pitch, center pitch and low pitch.

When you are finished, replace your head button, or do as I do and leave it off. On most machines, the blade grip is free to rotate from one side of the head to the other without the head button in place. In the event of a crash the pitch arm won't hit anything and will probably survive. No guarantee on that.

In the current version, the groove has been removed since the bridge may not sit exactly level on every head block.

This video shows how to attach the flybar lock to your helicopter.

This video shows how to use the flybar lock after it is installed.