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This is a new section for those who want to know what tools you need to carry. The bag is something I picked up at Lowes. We have the Hirobo large toolbag, which is nice; just not big enough for all the extra things I like to carry. Many of the things in the bag are available from us, but there's also a lot that isn't. I'll tell you where to get everything if we don't sell it.


This is the toolbag that I carry whenever I fly, build or repair. It gives me quick access to most of my tools and other items I don't want to be without. Some of these items are used more than others, so I try to keep those items in the bag so I can get my hands on them quickly.


I have a couple Plano tackle boxes from Academy that I keep some small things in.

junk box

There's also a box from Walmart that I keep assorted hardware in. I try to keep a little of everything in that box. If you see me at a funfly and you need something that might be in this box, just's free.


I probably use these more than anything in the bag. If you look at the top picture, you can see I've scratched a code in the top of the wrenches so I can tell what size I'm grabbing. I have them in a block of wood (balsa) so they stay handy. These are the best wrenches I've found. At about $13 bucks apiece, they are a pretty big investment. You have to be careful when you use the smaller ones. They will snap if you put any side pressure on them. They aren't guaranteed against breakage. When you feel the tip start to twist, STOP turning. That's as tight as you're going to get it. What I like about these particular hardened allen wrenches is they fit good and they feel good in my hand. The quality is as good as it gets. You can find them in the online store in the Tools/Allen Wrench section.


Needle nose pliers are a must have item. This is a set I got from the Snap On truck years ago. They're as good as the day I bought them. As with all tools, you get what you pay for. The difference; if you were to latch onto a penny with a cheap set and I latched onto the opposite side with these and we both pull, I'll end up with the penny. Am I a penny pincher...maybe so. If you want to challenge me, just bring a penny, show it to me, and say "Where's your pliers?" If I lose, I'll give you a nickel.

ball link pliersz

These ball link pliers are another example of "You get what you pay for". These are the best I have found. They are built to last forever and they work better than all the others. After about a year JR stepped up and is making a set that is just as good, maybe better.


WIHA makes really good stuff. The tips fit most screws perfectly. The only exception might be the Hirobo JIS Phillips screws.  For all other Phillips head screws, these are what you need. You can see I have 3 of the #1 Phillips screwdrivers. I NEVER want to reach for one of these and find it missing. You can find all the WIHA stuff in the online store by searching for WHA.


I keep a brush in my bag to clean off my helicopter. It's good for getting those landing gears clean as a whistle and knocking dust off everything. This brush uses bristle, not nylon. It just does a better job and can be cleaned easily. It's best to use it after you've wiped the machine down with a paper towel.

loctite and CA

Here are some adhesives and Loctite products that I carry with me. The Loctite that I use most is 243. I don't have to clean the threads before I use it, which is very handy at the field. If I want to lock something that's already put together, I use the 290 and if I never want it to come apart, I use the 266. The grease is Permatex Dielectric Tune-up Grease, available at most auto parts stores.It works great between plastic and metal, such as I'm sort of picky about what brand CA I use, so I just use Pacer products Zap. Really good stuff.

Dewalt cordless

I'm proud to say that we now carry this fine cordless screwdriver. It's the best one I've found.

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