Align, in its quest to make the 3GX the best it can be, has now made available Version 3.1. The defaults are the same as Version 3.0, so unless you have changed something in the Flight Condition Menu, there’s no need to do anything beyond the basic DIR setup and most of that should be fine. Check the direction of all controls and gyros..go fly.

You can find the default settings on your C drive in the My_setting folder. The file name is my_setting_V3.1_1175.txt. Your previous settings will be there too.

Bear in mind that this version is sort of a beta version. All their top pilots are testing it and when it gets their blessing, it will show up on their regular update page.

Several people have tried the update with results ranging from no change to an outstanding improvement in the tail rotor gyro. You can read the reviews on Helifreak here.