Some of these pictures are up to 77K. 
All reference to left hand rotation has been removed.

Canopy canopy.jpg (19355 bytes)
Frames Front servo_rocker.jpg (36643 bytes)
Servo Rockers
front_frames.jpg (78319 bytes)
Front Frames
Auto Hub/Main Shaft auto_hub.jpg (34059 bytes)
Autorotation Hub
main_shaft.jpg (18496 bytes)
Main Shaft Assembly
Drive Train clutch.jpg (57450 bytes)
Clutch and Fan
bearing_rails.jpg (25503 bytes)
Bearing Rails

Lower Frames
Tank Frames

Landing Gear

Frame Assembly
Upper Frames upper_frames.jpg (38286 bytes)
Upper Frames 1
upper_frames_more.jpg (28925 bytes)
Upper Frames 2
transmission_housing.jpg (17104 bytes)
Transmission Housing
Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank
Tail tail.jpg (76242 bytes)
Fins and Boom Supports

Tail Control / Pipe mount

Tail Gearbox

Torque Tube

Control Rods

Control Rods

throttle_servo.jpg (61001 bytes)
Throttle Servo
tail_control.jpg (85536 bytes)
Tail Control
Head head.jpg (92233 bytes)
Head and Flybar
swashplate.jpg (51256 bytes)
washout.gif (27953 bytes)