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Thank you for visiting this site! The new part finders should speed up your shopping quite a bit. When you click on a part, the part and any related parts will come up in the online store. Be sure to scroll down to see related parts.

For example, let's say you have a 600 Nitro Super Pro with black metal parts and you need a new aileron bellcrank and a new tail boom. Find the bellcrank in the drawing and click on it. When the store window opens, scroll down and locate the black bellcrank.

Click on the "Add to Basket" button. Return to the parts finder, by clicking on the picture of the T-rex 600 at the very top of the page. Now scroll down to the tailboom, click on it, choose your color, add it to the basket.

Be sure to go all the way to the bottom of the page to claim your 10% discount for using the parts finder. Just click on the link and add the discount to your basket. We will give you your discount when we invoice the order.

Check your basket contents then check out.

Loading the image the first time takes a while but when you go back, it should be there instantly. Apple's Safari Browser works very well. You can run it on a PC too. You can get it from Apple's website.

If the image is too small, it's probably because your browser has shrunk it to fit the window or you might have your zoom level set too low. In either event, look in the bottom right corner of your browser window.  If there are some small arrow looking icons, click on them. The better solution is to go into your browser settings and turn off the automatic sizing.

I welcome feedback.

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