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Feb 17, 2010

The new Raptor Titan SE is the latest 50 class machine from Thunder Tiger. It's a good choice for anyone who doesn't like CCPM for whatever reason. Raptors definitely feel different. This latest kit has all of the improvements Thunder Tiger has made over the years. We have plain kits, kits with engines and a RTF model is available for about $1000.

Old news

Titan is in stock and it flys better than any Raptor to date!

What's the difference between the Titan and the old V1 and V2 Raptors?

ppcollective.jpg (215743 bytes)

Push pull collective

servomount.jpg (71521 bytes)

Rear servo mount is included. The color of the boom and landing skids is gun metal gray (Titanium).

ppelev.jpg (81035 bytes) Push pull elevator

clutch bell

Larger bearing in the clutch bell

titan.jpg (226723 bytes)

The kit does not come with the green paddles,carbon main or carbon tail blades. It does have a longer tail boom, which will allow the use of 620mm blades. Unfortunately, it comes with 600mm wood blades. The kit goes together very easily and it flies super.

Our parts supply is steady and good on most items.

We want to caution users of the torque tube drives to be sure to cut any excess threads off the bolts that hold the ends on. Failure to do so could result in tail boom failure.

If you are using wood blades, always glue your blade roots on. The manual gives you the option. Don't fly the blades without gluing the roots's dangerous!!!!

Use a 3mm hardened Jesus bolt such as the MA0097, and on the 60s, use a 4mm bolt such as the KSJ368. The stock bolts have been know to break and when that happens, you learn why they're called what they are. This is the bolt that goes through the center hub and main shaft at the upper end of the main shaft.

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