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Align 3GX

3GX Version 3 Setup Videos
Transmitter Setup Videos


3GX Firmware Version 3.1 is out.

You will need WinRar. You can download it here. The free version works fine.

You'll either love it or you hate it. If you understand it, you'll love it. If you don't understand it, you'll hate it. These videos will help you understand it.

Align  3GX

If, after connecting servos and binding, the servos don't move... Check this link

Your receiver MUST be connected and working. Spektrum receivers must have a solid orange light, Futaba a SOLID green light.
Check the polarity of the power connection. If you are using the horizontal slots at the bottom of the 3GX for power, make sure the negative wire is on the left when you look at the business end of the 3GX.

If you are using only Spektrum or JR satellite receivers, you MUST use Aux2 to control rudder gyro gain.

My suggestion: USE A DSMX RECEIVER AND DSMX SATELLITE or, if you are feeling lucky...

  • In Device Select set Aux2 to Aux2 SW and make sure it's ACT not INH.
  • For initial settings, set Travel Adjust to 75 with the switch up and 25 with the switch down. The Status Light should go from Green (heading hold) to Red (Normal)when the switch is moved to the down position.
  • In Normal mode, hover hands off the rudder. Adjust the tail rotor control rod until the model doesn't yaw in any particular direction. If the nose consistently goes left, shorten the rod. If it goes right, lengthen the rod.
  • If you change the length of the rod, be sure to reset your tail rotor travel limits in the 3GX tail rotor menu.

Connecting a 3GX to a standard receiver 7 channels or more.