RFI 3S 2500MAH Transmitter Pack in a DX-7 for less than $50

This is the DX-7 with the battery installed and half charged. We recommend charging the battery to 12.6 volts (full) before the first use.

This is the RFI 3S 2500MAH pack. It has three plugs. An Align type balancing connector, standard servo lead for charging outside the transmitter and a JR white transmitter plug.  It fits perfectly in the DX-7. This battery is being distributed by MRC/Altech so there is no need to be concerned about customer service. Their's is almost as good as ours.

What you need to complete the conversion

  • RFITX2500_3S  $44.95

  • A charger capable of charging 3S Lithium Polymer batteries. Preferably a balancing charger such as the Bantam BC series.

  • A balancing adapter. If you normally use Thunder Power or Flight Power, you can buy a BAN-ATTP3S adapter for $2.95

Super Easy Installation

Charge the battery. I recommend charging the battery outside of the transmitter, but as long as you are there to keep an eye on it, it can be charged in the radio using either the receiver plug or, if you have a cord that will plug into the transmitter charge jack, you can use that.

Remove the original battery and foam spacer,

Plug the new battery in and stuff the wires in the space at the end

Put the battery cover back on and go fly....and fly....and fly.  Never let the voltage get below 9.6 volts. After 6 flights you should still be above 12 volts with many more flights available. Another nice thing about these is that they will have the same voltage after sitting for a week or two.