It's not fancy, but we're proud of it.


Synergy and Hyperformance
Tool Accessories and Fueling products The tool wall

Futaba JR Youngblood radio stuff

A little bit of our radio stuff

T-rex and Hirobo

Trex Parts

Fuel Magnets and Fortune Model Products

Fortune Model Product and Fuel Magnets


Looking down the X-cell wall from the back end

X-cell  and blades

This room has over 50 4'x8' pieces of pegboard and they're all full of parts!

Miniature Aircraft takes up this whole isle and then some

X-cell and Hirobo from the other end

All Miniature Aircraft Razor Parts

X-cell Razor Parts

More Hirobo The main Hirobo Wall

More Hirobo The main Hirobo Wall

Blade and Cypher 

Blade and Cypher parts

Some of the Hirobo hardware. We have lots of Hirobo!!

Hirobo hardware and tools. To the right are Thunder Tiger engine parts  


Raptor V2 and Raptor Titan Parts Mini-Titan Parts

Raptor V2 and Titan Parts        Mini-Titan Parts    

Original Raptor V1 PartsRaptor 60 Parts

Original Raptor parts

O.S. Engine Parts

OS engine parts.

YS Parts and some Mufflers

Mavrikk ItemsJr Parts. Main Wall

Mavrikk                    JR Parts

Come see us!

Our annual funfly always starts on the third Friday in February

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