Soldering a Dean's connector

How not to do it

I'm not an expert, but when one of my customers returned a battery with this connector on it, I thought I might be able to help a few people learn how to solder. This isn't the first connector I've seen like this.

CAUTION! When soldering connectors on a battery. Do one wire at a time. Never expose
both wires at the same time. You could let the smoke out of the battery. That's BAD.

What you need

What you do

Tin the wire.A picture is worth a thousand words. Click on the pictures

This is what the wire should look like when it's tinned. It should be soaked  with solder through and through.

Tin the connector

Make the connection. Don't forget to slide the unshrunk shrink wrap over the wire before you do this. If you do, you'll be doing this over.

Slide the shrink wrap over the joint and shrink it with the heat gun.

This is what you're looking for

There you have it.

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