Survey Results

Survey taken 3/9/2010. Please watch for a more "in-depth" survey soon. There will be an opportunity to win a T-rex 700.

What brand helicopters do you own?

  1. Align 64.46%
  2. Thunder Tiger (Raptor) 37.37%
  3. Miniature Aircraft (X-cell) 26.48%
  4. Eflite 21.17%
  5. Hirobo 20.56%
  6. JR 14.20%
  7. Kyosho 5.14%
  8. Robbe 4.09%
  9. Pantera 3.66%
  10. Cypher 0.87%
  11. Other 35.80%

Did you buy any of your helicopters from Ron's Heliproz?

In general terms, how do you like our online store?

When you visit our online store do you feel like we take the privacy of your personal information seriously?

Online Store: Please choose the answer or answers that you feel are somewhat true. You can check as many as you want.

Do you attend funfly events?

My Comments


It's clear who is on top of the heap. I'd be interested to see how this would look if I had asked "What brand helicopter have you purchased in the last 12 months?".







We need to do something about this. When you get ready to buy your next kit, call us. We are hungry!


Not too shabby. I think more of you are going to go from the "It's okay" to "I love it" after I launch the "New and Improved" store this summer. It will be faster and there is going to be a "Paypal Button"


We do take your privacy very seriously and I'm glad most of you realize that.



We are going to make the search function even better. I'm not sure how anyone could "Not find anything they're looking for, but we'll try to improve on that number too.

In the View menu most browsers have a way to make the print larger. The problem, in the past, is that I was using a fixed font size. Now, most of my pages respond to the "Increase text" or Zoom commands without totally messing the page up. You can even use an Iphone.

Right now there are over 30,000 pictures on my site and that number is growing all the time.

If you will create an account and use it, you won't need to fill in your information when you check out. Your credit card information is NOT part of the account information. We do not sell the information. Nor do we share it with anyone else.

31% of you guys are missing one of the best aspects of the hobby. Funflys are terriffic!